TA Research Projects

Research projects selected within the 1st and 2nd SERA TA calls


1st Call Selection
Number of Project Title of Project Hosting Research Infrastructure
1 EQUFIRE – Multi-hazard performance assessment of structural and non-structural components subjected to seismic and fire following earthquake by means of geographically distributed testing JRC
2 SLAB STRESS – SLAB STructural RESponse for Seismic European Design JRC
3 Dynamic testing of variable friction seismic isolation devices and isolated systems EUCENTRE
4 SE.RE.M.E. – SEismic REsilience of Museum contEnts CEA
5 FUTURE – Full-scale experimental validation of steel moment frame with EU qualified joints and energy efficient claddings under near fault seismic scenarios CEA
6 (Towards the) Ultimate Earthquake proof Building System: development and testing of integrated low-damage technologies for structural and non-structural elements LNEC
7 Seismic Response of Masonry Cross Vaults: Shaking table tests and numerical validations LNEC
8 ARISTA – Seismic Assessment of ReInforced Concrete frames with SmooTh bArs – Proposals for EC8-Part 3 STRULAB
9 ARCO – Effect of Axial Restraint on the Seismic Behaviour of Shear-Dominated COupling Beams STRULAB
10 Seismic Response of Novel Integral Abutment-Bridges University of Bristol
11 Statistical verification and validation of 3D seismic rocking motion models University of Bristol
12 RE-BOND – REsponse of as-Built and strengthened three-leaf masONry walls by Dynamic tests University of Bristol
13 Influence of the floor-to-wall interaction on the seismic response of coupled wall systems IZIIS
14 Seismic behaviour of anchored Steel Sheet-Piling (SSP) retaining walls: experimental investigation, theoretical interpretation and guidelines for design University of Cambridge
15 STILUS – Structure-Tunnel Interaction in LiqUefiable Sand University of Cambridge
16 IMPEC – On the broadband synthetic sIgnals enhanceMent for 3D Physic based numerical analysis, the EUROSEISTEST Case study EUROSEISTEST and EUROPROTEAS
17 Blind beamforming in array processing NORSAR


2nd Call Selection
Number of Project Title of Project Hosting Research Infrastructure
18 SEismic Response of Actual steel SILOS (SERA-SILOS) EUCENTRE
19 Seismic Testing of Adjacent Interacting Masonry Structures (AIMS) LNEC
20 HybrId Testing of an Existing Steel FRAme with Infills under Multiple EarthquakeS (HITFRAMES) STRULAB
21 NSFuse: Ductile steel fuses for the protection of critical nonstructural components University of Bristol
22 SEeismic BEhavior of Scaled MOdels of groin VAults made by 3D printers (SEBESMOVA3D) University of Bristol
23 Investigation of Seismic Deformation Demand, Capacity and Control in a Novel Self-Centring Steel Braced Frame (SC-CBF) IZIIS
24 Seismic Behaviour of Rigid Pile Inclusions University of Cambridge
25 COSMO: Change Of Seismic MOtion due to pile-soil kinematic interaction University of Cambridge
26 Dynamic Soil Structure Interaction: Three-dimensional Time-domain Analysis of Field Model Scale Experiments EUROSEISTEST and EUROPROTEAS
27 “SISIFO” Seismic Impedance for Soil-structure Interaction From On-site tests EUROSEISTEST and EUROPROTEAS
28 Ambient and forced vibration techniques for improving design and performance assessment of structures with consideration of soil-structure interaction EUROSEISTEST and EUROPROTEAS
29 Seismic SITE effects in sedimentary basins from 3D physics-based numerical modeling (SITE3D) EUROSEISTEST and EUROPROTEAS
30 Comparison of rocking on rigid and compliant base using the EUROPROTEAS real-scale facility EUROSEISTEST and EUROPROTEAS
31 Seismic tremor detection in Greece using small aperture arrays NORSAR
32 The velocity model up to 300 km deep using NORSAR array data (Baltic Shield) based on P and S receiver functions NORSAR
33 Joint processing of seismo-acoustic array data as tool to discriminate between man-made explosions and earthquakes NORSAR




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