Blind prediction contest on flat-slab structures

The SlabSTRESS (Slab STructural RESponse for Seismic design in Europe) project is part of the SERA Transnational Access activities at the ELSA Reaction Wall of the Joint Research Centre. The main aim of SlabSTRESS is to study the response of flat slab structures under combined gravity and lateral loads and contribute to the development of rules for the design of this type of structures.

The test specimen is a full-scale two-storey building with plan dimensions 9.0 m by 14.5 m. The experimental programme includes pseudo-dynamic seismic tests at the Serviceability and Ultimate Limit States (tests A) and quasi-static tests with cycles of increasing displacement before and after retrofit of the slabs (tests B). The tests will be performed in October and November 2019.

A blind competition for the prediction of the experimental results will run from October 2019 until September 2020. The competition includes a blind prediction phase in the first semester and a post-test prediction phase in the second semester. A final workshop will take place in October 2020.

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