SERA TA Project # 40

Title of Project:
SOil Frame-Interaction Analysis through large-scale tests and advanced numerical finite element modeling (SOFIA)
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Team Leader:
University of Catania

Maria Rossella Massimino

University of Catania
Glenda Abate
Sebastiano Corsico
Salvatore Grasso
Giulia Signorello
Graziella Torrisi
Federica Rivoli
Giovanni Tranchina
Simone Bramante

Summary of Project:
The proposed research deals with experimental and numerical investigations of the Dynamic Soil-Structure Interaction (DSSI) concerning the existing EuroProteas structure in the Euroseistest site. New large-scale tests will be performed and then simulated by full-coupled FEM models. The main goals are: investigating the material and radiation damping of the wave field emanating from the foundation; studying the wave propagation away from the structure; examining the effects of soil non-linearity on the soil and structure responses; investigating the influence of rubberized foundation soil on the response of the structure; validating advanced FEM modeling of DSSI.
As for the experimental phase, forced-vibration tests will be performed at different excitation amplitude and frequency. The input will be given at the top of the structure. Moreover, sand-rubber mixtures will be placed beneath the footing in order to know their influence as a novel way of isolating structures. Additional accelerometers will be positioned on the structure, below it and along the soil surface, in order to investigate the dynamic response of the full-coupled system.
As for the FEM modeling phase, the structure will be modeled by a linear visco-elastic constitutive model; the soil non-linearity will be modeled both by an equivalent linear visco-elastic constitutive model (updating G and D according to the achieved shear strain level) and by a recently developed visco-elasto-plastic model with kinematic hardening. The dynamic response of the system will be analyzed in terms of: maxima accelerations and displacements; acceleration time-histories; Fourier spectra; amplification functions and ratios.