SERA TA Project # 33

Title of Project:
Joint processing of seismo-acoustic array data as tool to discriminate between man-made explosions and earthquakes
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Team Leader:
National Institute for Earth Physics
Raluca Dinescu


Summary of Project:
The proposed research is aimed to monitoring geophysical man-made hazard, i.e. controlled explosions, by jointly using data well-recorded with the Romanian seismic and infrasonic arrays, focusing on the Plostina seismo-acoustic site (PLOR and IPLOR stations). Recently, a constant increasing of interest in analyzing the infrasound data to include them in interdisciplinary domains as physics and geoscience have been observed at the global scale. The worldwide infrasound monitoring stations have proven capable to detect and locate atmospheric explosions as well as other natural phenomena generating infrasound signals.
During the project, infrasound and seismic array data recorded by Romanian stations will be processed and analyzed in order to discriminate between tectonic sources (earthquakes) and artificial events (quarry blasts and mine explosions). The examination of the infrasound propagation changes over time and distance is essential to understand the differences between real propagation through atmospheric layers and a hypothetical propagation along the earth’s surface. The capability of the Romanian dense seismic network to detect and locate small events led to an undesirable side-effect as including of many man-made blasts and explosions in the Romanian earthquake catalogue ROMPLUS (Oncescu et al., 1999).