SERA TA Project # 17

Title of Project:
Blind beamforming in array processing
Hosting Research Infrastructure:

No. of Users:

Team Leader:
University of Patras
Erion Pikoulis


Summary of Project:
The main goal of the proposal is twofold. On the one hand, the visit at one of the most renowned institutes of its kind, will offer the proposing researcher the opportunity to familiarize himself with state-of-the-art array processing techniques as well as gain insight on modern array applications. On the other hand, helped by the expertise of the personnel at the hosting facility, as well as the availability of real array data, a preliminary investigation of the potential use of blind beamforming in array processing, will take place.
Contrary to the conventional model-based beamforming, blind beamforming operates directly on the available signals, without making any assumptions regarding the mechanism(s) that generated them. In other words, blind beamforming stands for data-driven instead of model-driven beamforming Apart from its superior enhancement capabilities, the direct estimation of the time delays enables a more natural formulation of the signal detection and parameter estimation problems that truly captures the advantage of seismic arrays over conventional networks. In particular, the use of a recently developed, high-performance blind beamforming technique, based on Semi-Definite Programming (SDP-BB), is going to be investigated.