4.1 SERA TA Project #6 – (Towards the) Ultimate Earthquake Proof Building System: development and testing of integrated lowdamage technologies for structural and non‐structural elements

S. Pampanin(1), J. Ciurlanti(1), S. Bianchi(1), A.A. Correia(2), D. Perrone(3), M. Palmieri(4), D. Grant(5), G. Granello(6), A. Palermo(6), A. Filiatrault(3), P.X. Candeias(2), A. Campos Costa(2)
(1) Sapienza University of Rome, Rome, Italy
(2) LNEC, National Laboratory for Civil Engineering, Lisbon, Portugal
(3) IUSS, University School for Advanced Studies, Pavia, Italy
(4) ARUP, Amsterdam, Netherlands
(5) ARUP, London, United Kingdom
(6) University of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand

DOI: 10.7414/SERA‐TA.LNEC.Project6

4.2 SERA TA Project #7 ‐ Seismic Response of Masonry Cross Vaults: shaking table tests and numerical validations

C. Calderini(1), N. Bianchini(2), M. Rossi(1), N. Mendes(2), P. Lourenço(2), P. Candeias(3), A.A. Correia(3), A. Campos Costa(3), P. Casadei(4)
(1) University of Genoa, Genoa, Italy
(2) University of Minho, Guimarães, Portugal
(3) LNEC, National Laboratory for Civil Engineering, Lisbon, Portugal
(4) Kerakoll Ibérica S.A., Spain

DOI: 10.7414/SERA‐TA.LNEC.Project7

4.3 SERA TA Project #19 ‐ Seismic Testing of Adjacent Interacting Masonry Structures

I. Tomić(1), A. Penna(2), M. DeJong(3), C. Butenweg(4), A.A. Correia(5), P.X. Candeias(5), F.L. Ribeiro(5), I. Senaldi(2), G. Guerrini(6), D. Malomo(3), K. Beyer(1)
(1) EPFL, École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Lausanne, Switzerland
(2) University of Pavia, Pavia, Italy
(3) University of California, Berkeley, USA
(4) RWTH Aachen University, Aachen, Germany
(5) LNEC, National Laboratory for Civil Engineering, Lisbon, Portugal
(6) EUCENTRE, European Centre for Training and Research in Earthquake Engineering, Pavia, Italy

DOI: 10.7414/SERA‐TA.LNEC.Project19