Q: Who can apply for TA under the grant?
A: A user group is eligible for TA support under the grant when the user group leader and the majority of users work in EU member countries or EU associated countries, different from where the chosen installation is located. This condition is not mandatory when the access provider is an international organization, such as the JRC, an ERIC (European Research Infrastructure Consortium) or other similar legal entities representing different countries. Access for user groups with a majority of users not working in a EU or associated country is limited to 20% of the total amount of units of access provided under the grant.
Q: How to apply for TA?
A: To apply for Transnational Access, prospective users must create a User Account related to the User Group Leader, then submit their proposal by filling the TA_proposal_form that can be downloaded from the TA Call for Proposal section; information to be provided includes:

  • brief description of the proposed research;
  • user organizations (main user, partner users) including CVs of principal investigator and of other researchers;
  • scientific basis and state-of-art;
  • key points and foreseen advances;
  • appropriate Transnational Access facility (1st and 2nd choice);
  • total number of researchers in Transnational Access;
  • target schedule;
  • a slide presentation with the main points of the proposal (4-5 slides).
Candidate users are encouraged to visit the SERA Transnational Access web portal and download the TA_proposal_form. Before the submission of the proposal (through the TA Proposal Submission section), it is strongly suggested to directly contact the TA-RI referent (TA Facilities section) of the supposedly most suitable facility and have a preliminary discussion on the main technical and scientific aspects of the proposed research. Afterwards, the candidate User Group Leader can submit the TA proposal through the web portal.
Q: May a student apply for TA?
A: A student cannot be the team leader of a TA proposal; however, within the users groups, a student can be active part of the project as a user.
Q: Which is the definition of "Partner" mentioned in the TA proposal form?
A: A "Partner" is an institution or company (e.g. University of Pavia).